Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another reason to love TJ's

I just had a sweet experience shopping at one of my favorite stores, Trader Joe's ( or as I like to call them TJ's). One of my favorite products to buy there is their Organic Brown Rice. It comes in three packets, you microwave it for 3 minutes and one packet will feed my family. It tastes delish... in fact I prefer it to regular white rice. Tonight as I was shopping they only had two boxes of this amazing rice left. Both happened to be opened but upon a more detailed inspection I realized that the boxes were just opened and not the individual rice bags. So I put them in my cart.

When I arrived at the check out the clerk thanked me for buying the open boxes of rice. I explained that there wasn't any thing wrong. I figured they got open during shipping or something like that. The clerk went on to explain how so many other people asked for the rice and then refused to buy them because the boxes were open. He then said I should give them to you for free... in fact I will give them to you for free! I was so excited. Free boxes of Organic Brown Rice... Now way!

Many of you know that my amazing husband has been unemployed going on 4 months now. We are doing well but have to be tight with our finances. Even though it was not a major savings I was so happy he gave us the rice for free because you know as they say "every little bit helps."

I told the cashier that he was acting as one of Gods Angels and proceeded to briefly explain our situation. He said that by me simply buying some opened rice boxes I restored his faith in humanity.

This was a difficult week for me and I really struggled with our situation. I was a little depressed and hopeless. However, as I walked out of the store I felt that God was saying.. I haven't forgotten about you. It was a perfect example of the tender mercies of the Lord.