Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes on Prop. 8

In our state of California we have a very heated election in regards to a proposition. In 2000 61% of California voters stated that they wanted marriage to be defined as between a man and a woman. This summer 4 judges ignored the will of the people and overturned that decision and allowed same sex marriage in our state. Now with election nearing voters will be asked to define marriage for the California state Constitution. Only 14 words will be added to the constitution if Prop 8 passes. It will state "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

There are several reasons why I am in favor of this proposition; religious freedom, parental rights, a government that is actually governed by the people and not judges who ignore the people. I have heard and read a lot of hateful things about people like me who are in favor of traditional marriage. I do not hate gay or lesbians, nor do I attack their lifestyle. Let them live as they choose but please afford me the same respect. Under California law gay and lesbian domestic partners already have all the same rights and privileges as married couples. Prop 8 isn't taking any rights they already have away.

The supporters of "No on 8" claim that this is about hate. Some friends of friends asked us to share their experience as they participate in this political process. I will let you judge for yourself who is promoting hate and intolerance here.

In response to having lawn signs stolen on a regular basis in our area, we decided to display our position on Prop 8 with a large banner. This afternoon a couple of women pulled up in front of our home and started painting on the windows of their car. I guess they disagreed with us. As they were painting these messages, my husband came out and asked them if they would like to have a conversation. The "conversation"consisted of them calling us bigots, promoters of hate & prejudice, parents who didn't protect their children and un-Christian (this last comment causing my 11 year old son to cry because he IS a Christian and is so very proud of it!) My husband and children tried to engage in conversation to share our concerns and point of view and were met with increased intensity and anger. Their entire message was that we were closed-minded, motivated by hate and prejudice. In the end, we left them to their project...knowing that sharing and trying to understand one another's point of view was NOT something they were interested in. Here's what we were left with in front of our home.

By the way...we live across the street from a kindergarten playground...what a nice thing the kids will be able to see at recess and as they walk to and from home. Now for the good news...since this happened this afternoon we've had all kinds of people drive by taking pictures, talking with us and expressing support. In fact, a wonderful family from our school stopped by to tell us how sorry they were. They are voting No on 8 and long ago we decided that we would be that balancing force for each other in the universe. I was impressed by the way they went out of their way to make sure all was well with us and to let us know that they supported us even though we disagree on this issue. THIS is the American way... I wish this whole election process would be designed to promote these types of feelings among neighbors instead of the hate and intolerance that seems to be becoming such a prevalent part of our daily lives.

Even if you are against Prop 8 I respect the fact that you are entitled to your views and encourage EVERYONE to vote no matter where you stand on the issue. We all have that right. But as I show respect for you and your views I hope you would afford me the same. No more stealing signs and calling names, you don't have to run me off the road or flip me off while my children are in the car. We are all trying to live and do what we think is right according to your own hearts and minds. Hopefully once the election is over we can all come together again as neighbors and humans who all share this place called earth.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We spend the last 5 days in Portland, OR. Why you ask? Because they were celebrating Fiji Day. That's right the Fijians in OR and Washington got together and planned a big celebration for Fiji Day. Tata played in a rugby tournament. Had a realization that he is getting old. A broken nose, jammed finger and a bruised knee all made him realize that he can't play like he used to. I must give props to his team though they took first place and even beat out a team of high schoolers in the finals! The boys are getting old but can still kick some rugby butt!

For the kids and I one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Roloff Farms. The farm featured on the television show: Little People, Big World! We got to see the house, the pumpkin patch, visit the old town, and even meet Mr. Roloff himself.

Tata might say the highlight of the trip for him was visiting the Nike Employee store. We had to get clearance to even enter the store. Very affordable prices for Nike. Although I don't wear tennis shoes all that often I must say these new Nike's I am sporting are very cool.

More to come about the crazy Fijians and their makes!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our new family member

Apparently hell has frozen over! We have a new family member in the form of a turtle. I swore I would never allow my kids to have pets because I don't do animals. they are great to look at from a distance. I don't want to care for one, the clean up! No, thank you. However, Kokopelli was given to us by our friends who recently moved away. How could I give away this turtle who belonged to Vai's best friend? I didn't think I could deal with having a pet but honestly he is growing on me. But let it be known that it stops here!