Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family Reunion

In July our family went to Lake Tahoe for our family reunion with my Baird/Watson side of the family. We had so much fun with the family and as I stated to my aunt, it was such a great weekend because there was little drama! I loved it. Lake Tahoe is beautiful and I realized I really don't take advantage of living so close to such a beautiful place. I think we are going to make an annual trip each summer from now on.

Here is a short list of some of the memories of the weekend:
Pasta night
Apples to Apples
Hot Tubs
Fishing Farms
Walks down to the lake
Guitar Hero
Bullet in my toilet seat?
Playing in the sand
Family Pictures in a sweet spot (Thanks Roy!)
Minute to Win it
Watson Men who are still boys
Duck Tours
Family BBQ
Homemade Life's Jam

Mostly I loved it because I don't get to see many people from this side of the family. Out of 60 people in our family there were 44 of us there. Pretty good. However, I am hoping for an even better percentage in 2013!