Friday, January 30, 2009

Appreciating the role of motherhood more

Over the past few months, my lovely wife has mentioned and shown me her frustrations with having to deal with our children on a daily basis while I'm out at work. Being a typical man, most of my response back to her cry for help was "you're not patient enough" or "it's not that hard". Well, tonight I got to taste only 3 HOURS of what my superwoman goes through everyday.
After she left for her meeting at 7 p.m. I fed our kids dinner. After asking them about 20 times to get in the shower, I finally had to kick it into gear and grab them all by the hands and literally throw them into the shower. Now that was only the begining. Meanwhile,they were all excited because I told them that we were going to go on an ice-cream date. The boys got dressed first, and while brading Girly's hair (and I'm pretty good at it incase you're wondering:))I hear the Clown Boy screaming bloody murder. "What's wrong?" was my question. Quietly, I hear Vai saying, "Are you O.K.?" I knew right away that he had done something that he shouldn't have. The Clown comes in the room crying and said that Vai had placed a pillow over his face. As soon as I heard the words "pillow over my face", I flipped. Cucthing....ding....ding...ding..."Just be patient". Yeah right. I swarted Vai and he cried and while crying I continued to yell at him about how he could have choked and suffocated his brother. I threatened Vai that I was going to have him stay home while I took the other two for our date. Like I was really going to do that. Still fuming, I stopped and thought,"WOW. Reality check. I've only been with them for about an hour and I'm flipping over what could have been horseplay between two boys".
So we went to Baskin Robins and each got our cones of ice-cream. Before we got out of the car, as always, I set the rules about how we need to behave when we're in public or somebody's place. They all acknowledged me and my counsel with their sweet innocence. I got the Clown out and told him to go stand on the side walk away from traffic. I mentioned the same instructions to the older two, but as soon as Vai got out, he took off running the opposite direction of where were supposed to go. "What the heck are you doing, and where in the freak are you going", I yelled at him. I was about ready to put them all back in the van and go put them to sleep. "Be patient, it's not that hard". What the HELL was I saying to my wife? On the drive home, I was 156% more than ready to have my kids go to sleep. In my mind I was thingking, "forget about brushing teeth, before I kill one of them". As soon as we pulled into the drive way, I took a deep breath and gave my kids one more counsel. "Let's go inside, brush teeth, read a story, say prayers and go to bed. O.K.?" Right after I said that, I turned around only to see Girly raising her clanched fist up high and socking Vai on the chest. He screamed for about two seconds and returned the favor. She screamed, and returned it once more. Once again, I flipped and this is only my second hour with them. Needless to say, there was no brushing of teeth, or stories or prayers. If anyone needs to say a prayer, it is I.
I need to pray for forgiveness and for appreciation and sincere understanding of what my wife and millions of other women go through on a daily basis, with realtions to family life with children. I feel very bad because I only had them for two hours and I was ready to be a headliner in Law and Order. "Husband snaps and kills children" or something. But more importantly, I feel very humbled for not recognizing more the efforts of my wife with our kids. It is not an easy calling. I know that we men have to go and earn money for our families bread, but what is happening in the households everyday with the women and raising of children is more important than that money being earned. With this lesson tonight, I pray that I will be more appreciative of my wife and her dealings with my our kids on a daily basis and maybe even start using some of my lame advices on myself. "You're not being patient Tata. You're not trying hard enough".

Monday, January 26, 2009


For this year I told myself that I was going to at least write one blog entry a month, so here goes one for January. I LOVE MY FAMILY. As my honey mentioned in her 08 recap, we had a pretty exciting year. We plan to have more excitment in 09. So far it has been a great year (knock on wood). But for me, the most exciting thing has been the fact that we are going to have another addition to our family come June. We do not know what we're having but I am silently praying for another girl. As always, my wife has been a trooper during this pregnancy. Everytime things get a little crazy, she reminds me that this is the last one :) It has been fun for us to look back to when we first discussed about having a family. We, or should I say "I" spoke about about having 6 kids and she said "no way". And rightfully so, since it's a tough calling. So I said, "well, since you have 6 in your family and I have 4, lets settle for 5". She said, "we'll see". Vai came and she said,"that's it. No more". I said, "I will respect that". But the experts never said that sometimes those thingy they supply us to control birth don't work all the time. As a result, Girly came along. We were happy and she for reals said, "I am done". I said, "Yes Dear". You know the oopsy stories we've all heard now and again? Yah, it happened to us and LG the Clownboy was the result. Now she was realy done. I was a happy camper cause I got my boys and a princess. But hey, as Vai would remind us a few times, "we need another girl to balance things out". So, there was a decision to be made. "Should we do it or should we not?" Well, here we are in 09 and my queen is beautiful as a red rose being pregnant with what I know for sure is going to be our last one. Whether it's going to be a boy or girl is to be determined come birth day, but we have a girls name already picked out and yes, it is another "L" name. I LOVE MY FAMILY, and especially my queen. She is a trooper and champion. I have received comments like "dude, you're crazy", or "what are doing to her", or "how can you guys do it". I don't let the comments bother me and especially try not to let it bother or hurt my queen. To me, it is such a great blessing to able to have a family. And to have a companion that is willing to take part in our family planning goals makes it even more special. I know that as the kids get older, we will not regret having 4 children. I have friends who have wished that they had more kids after their children started leaving home. THIS CRAZY THING CALLED LIFE has been such a blessing for me. Healthy children, food on the table, great country to be in with its freedoms, an awesome companion to share life with. It does not get any better than that. Life is good. I love it and most of all, I LOVE MY FAMILY.