Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye Good Friends!

Last Saturday some of our dearest friends moved across country. We already miss them! We have been a little blue since they left. Vai wanted to go by their old house, and when I explained that they moved, he said they only went for a trip but they should be home now! Nope son, they have a new home. Change is hard for a 6 year old who just lost his best friend. But we know it wasn't a final goodbye, we can't wait to see them again at Christmas.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have a few friends that are very daring when it comes to the hair department. They drastically change color and cut every so often and it looks great. I wish I was that bold. I have always wanted to go blonde or red just for fun. However, after a bad home highlights job while I was in Hawaii, Tata claims that I've been blonde. Not really, but it was a lot lighter. Anyway yesterday I went to go and get my hair trimmed a bit and while I was waiting I decided to be brave and do something totally different. You can imagine the looks of shock on friends faces when I chopped off at least 7 inches! Especially that of my sweet hubby who has made it known that he loves my long hair. A few people didn't even recognize me, sometimes I don't recognize myself!
I love this new do but my hair stylist said jokingly on the way out see you next year when its back to being long again! She is right, I usually am brave for a few months and then next thing you know it is long and straight. Why do we do that...not only with things like hair but even with relationships? We are brave and get out of our comfort zone for a while only to head right back there. Maybe this is the beginning of an era of change for me. I will be brave and try new things starting with my hair. After all it is only hair, it will grow back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Long over due

Well, it has been a while since I last contributed to our blog and my Queen has kindly reminded me that this blog thingy was a "family project" and not just her's. So, where do I start? All of a sudden I feel a little more mature with 2 kids going to school. It just seem like it was yesterday that I started my first day in 1st grade back in Fiji. Boy they say time goes by fast when you get older and I am begining to see what they mean. Summer is almost over with and Fall is almost here and for a sports junky like me, this is the best time ever, well asides from the days spent with the fam. My beloved Cougs are 3-0 in college football and my 49ers won a game today in the NFL. Lately, my kids have been interested in playing football with me in the yard. Vai and Girly now know what role a quaterback, center and reciever plays. It is awesome to see Girly get in her reciver stance as I play center and Vai as the QB. Vai has a few play calls memorized (like BLUE 22, BLUE 22.. hike). Now he just needs to make sure that the ball lands on Girly's hands and not face. Well, in his deffense, it might help if the reciever kept her eyes open. But hey, we have a few more practices to go and then we'll be performing at a higher level. Hopefully there will be videos to share with you.

On a more serious note, I could not help but note the hardships that this world is facing as of late. Here in the US, hurricanes, fire, floods, train crashers and the daily violence have highlighted the daily news reports. With all the comotion, I am reminded to be ever so greatful with all that I have been blessed with. Sometimes, I do take for granted the basic things such as shelter,food, safety etc. and even the fact that I live here in the US. If I may, I ask that we keep those affected by the mentioned circumstances in our thoughts and prayers that they will get through their hardships.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am not so ridged!

Some people call me ridged. They say I can't let my hair down (so to speak) and relax, and just have fun. Nope, not at all. I am supposedly too worried about having a clean house and everything on my list being checked off. I have been trying to prove some people wrong. Even though there is a slight possibility they might be right, but calling me ridged? Couldn't we find a nicer word... organized..clean...workaholic? Take your pick. Anyway I have proof that I can be flexible and spontaneous. After dinner the other night, the kids were playing with some friends in the back yard. Their mother and I couldn't resist hosing them down for several minutes and then laughing at the mud fight that ensued. It was pure joy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

In case you missed last night...

She competely suprisied me last night! I can't wait for the VP debates!