Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Anyone?

I will admit I got up at 2 am this morning and watched the Royal Wedding. O.K. it was kind of by accident. You see at first I was excited to set my alarm and join in the hype. But after a long week, I just fell asleep with the tellie on and didn't set anything. Surprisingly I woke up at 2 am as the wedding begin and I stayed awake.

Even from all the way over here on this side of the pond it was magical. I love weddings, and this was the wedding of all weddings. I want these two love birds to make it. There's is a beautiful love story and one that will last through the ages.

Besides this beautiful couple I love British weddings for another reason... Their Hats! Tell me you don't secretely wish you could pull off something like this...

or one of these...How they get those beautiful pieces of art to stay in place, I will never understand but I love the tradition.