Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Recently we ended what some might say was a life lesson on greed! A couple of years ago we determined that we had outgrown our queen size bed. Especially since we seem to play musical beds in our house and can have anywhere from 1 to all 5 of us sleeping in our bed on a given night. So we started talking about graduating up from a queen to a CA King. Then we started pricing. Holy Cow! $2,000 for a bed! Needless to say we put it out of our mind. Our queen was only 2 years old and still in great shape.

A newly married couple started coming to our church, and I became acquainted with the wife. They were the typical starving students, especially since he was attending UOP, which is ridiculously expensive. They didn't even have a bed to sleep on, I think they were using blankets on the floor. Not to fun for newlyweds. Right at that time a friend of my father's was giving away his CA king size bed for free. I know what you are thinking because we thought the same thing. Give our little queen to the newlyweds and we take the king and everyone is happy! Plus we convinced ourselves that their little apartment couldn't fit the king bed and it would be best for them to have the queen. Without even laying on this king size bed, we made arrangements for us to take the king and give our queen to newlyweds all for free.

We were so excited to get this king bed, we bought a new comforter set and totally changed the look of our bedroom. I have to admit when they brought the king into our house I started to get worried, I had never seen a mattress fold like that before but just dismissed it because I wasn't used to the king. We set the bed up, put on the new skirt, sheets and comforter, it looked great! The first night we slept on our new CA King was awful, the bed sunk in the middle, and the box springs also sagged a little bit. It was a horrible old bed. We both regretted our decision and woke up the next morning wishing for our queen bed! I even thought about how I could word the conversation so we could get our old bed back but I knew it wasn't right, we were greedy in taking the king. We had a perfectly fine queen bed and should have had the king go to the needy couple all along. We would just have to live with our greediness.

To make matters worse, it was difficult for us to get our queen bed to newlyweds. They acted like they were doing us a favor by taking the bed off our hands. When really we were the ones doing the big favor by giving them our bed. They weren't at home when we had scheduled the drop off, and when we tried to call them they couldn't be bothered. I finally left them a message and said that I was just going to leave the bed in the car port of their complex and if it was still there the next day I would give it to someone else. After they got the bed the wife called me and complained that we hadn't given them any sheets, a bed skirt or blankets! Seriously? I was a little shocked to say the least. We never got any kind of thank you from them, they didn't say anything to us at church, give us a thank you note, nothing! They never acknowledged it!

So for the last two years we have slept on this horrible king size bed all because we were greedy in the first place. We wanted a king size bed for a cheap price and when we heard of a free one we jumped on it with out thinking at all. We should have kept our queen and let the rude newlyweds have the king. Our backs hurt all the time, we added about 10 pillows all over the place to try and make up for it but it is just a sad old bed. Finally we had had it! A brand new CA king was delivered on Saturday. Thank you George W. and your stimulus check, we did our part to help the economy. Our backs thank you as well. I think I can say we learned our lesson and won't be so greedy the next time!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tree Monkeys

Although I didn't really want to put another post up so soon (who wouldn't want everyone to read how much their husband worships them?), I couldn't resist showing off our tree monkeys!
Thanks for all the compliments, honey. I feel the same about you! We make a great team and are incredible at creating beautiful babies! Here is our little ones climbing in the trees...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Love My Superwoman

Boy how thankful I am for repentance:)Even though Mother's day is past, I am taking this time to share with you how grateful I am for all mothers, but especially for the mother of my children. Over the past few months I have trully been humbled by the many wonderful things mothers do. I look at my own life and can't help but see great examplers of faith, dedication, and determination in my mother, my mother in-law, and the mother of my children who is my superwoman. As much as I love all three of them, this is all about my superwoman.

No, she does not have extra terrestrial forces but boy when she puts her mind into something, she gets it or gets it done. This is just one of the many qualities I love about my superwoman. I am thankful that I have been blessed to have her as my best friend. Just several days ago I was watching the media attempt to put a pay scale on how much a stay home mother with kids would make if motherhood was an actual paid job. With all that my superwoman does for us, $100k a year won't even cut it.

I love her cause she is the best. I love her cause she loves me. I love her cause she is one hot superwoman. I love her cause she loves and nutures our children well. I love her cause she does not let me get away with crap (like taking 30 minutes to fold 3 pieces of laundry). I love her cause she makes me want to be better everyday.

Through all the experiences that we've faced in this crazy thing called life, my superwoman has been able to carry us along as she flies. I do not know for reals what would life be without my superwoman. To the good Lord above, I give thanks for blessing me with all her love.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Waiting Game

Why is it when you have a doctor's appointment the staff never tells you they are running late? Yet if you are only 2 minutes late the throw a tantrum and act like you have thrown off their entire schedule. Seriously I don't get this.

This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment. I got there 15 minutes early thinking I would get in on time. I never expected I would get in early, I just wanted to get in at my appointed time. Now, I understand that doctor's offices are unpredictable. There are emergencies that come up, doctors are needed elsewhere. However, after working for years in the customer service industry I found that most people I worked with were apprectitave when I was up front about being behind or running late. I would love it if I went to an appoint and receptionists said "we are running about 30 minutes behind today but we will see you as quickly as possible." No problem, let me find some trashy magazine you have in your lobby and dive right into the latest Hollywood gossip. Or if you are telling me you are really behind I might even pick up the TIME or the New Yorker.

I am not asking them to rush any one's care so I can quickly get in the room at the appointed hour. Just tell me how long I am going to have to sit and wait. Today I had to wait 45 minutes, that was after my appointment time so in total I waited an hour! What do you think would have happened if I walked up to the desk and inquired how much longer the wait would have been? I probably would have been chewed up and spit out !

If you aren't going to give me the courtesy of knowing I am going to have to wait the least you can do is not give me the riot act when I arrive 5 minutes late because the kids fought over who got to open the car door.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Aunt Lisa

About a month ago my sweet Aunt Lisa passed away. She died of cancer very suddenly. This now makes the third person close to us who has died from cancer with in a year's time. This is a nasty disease and I have come to realize that it is no respecter of persons. It doesn't matter what your lifestyle, how healthy or fit you are.

I've been thinking about my aunt a lot lately. We weren't extremely close but I always loved chatting it up with her at any family gathering. It is sad to realize that I won't see her at family functions anymore. I am sad when I think of my Uncle Gary and how lonely he must be with out her. They had a sweet and kind relationship. I also think of her seven children and the different stages of life they are at. The oldest being around 30 and the youngest 16 how hard it will be for them with out their mother. The thing I have been thinking about the most is what I can learn from having her in my life. She is very opposite from me; you know the type, quiet, shy, soft spoken. All those characteristics I don't have. I don't think I can ever recall her raising her voice to her children. That is admirable in and of it self but when you learn that she had 7 children it is simply amazing. I only have 3 children and they are very young. Unfortunately they get yelled at a lot. I am trying to be more like my aunt in that way. She loved being a mother and you could tell that she enjoyed spending time with her children. She also loved my uncle. In fact I don't think I can even recall them having a disagreement.

She would always have a smile on her face. I remember one time when she had traveled from her home in southern California to our home in northern California by herself with her children in the car. She walked in with a kind smile on her face. I can only imagine how exhausted she was from driving and trying to entertain her kids. There were no DVD players back then. She never let on. She always looked so happy to see you. Motherhood never seemed to stress her out.

She was a peacemaker. We have some very out spoken people in my family, including myself. Aunt Lisa didn't have to be the center of attention; she just wanted to be with people. She wouldn't have to be involved in every conversation or decision. She brought a spirit of calmness into our family.

Aunt Lisa had her priorities in the right place. She didn't seek after money or riches; she didn't care about having a the biggest and best house. Her priority was her family. They always came first. She was more concerned with spending time with them then excelling in a career.

My life has been blessed because I had such a wonderful example of an amazing woman in my Aunt Lisa. I am going to miss her a lot. I still find peace in the fact that I do know I will see her again some day. Sweet will be that reunion! Until then I can honor her and show my love to her by trying to implement her wonderful characteristics in my own life.