Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes on Prop. 8

In our state of California we have a very heated election in regards to a proposition. In 2000 61% of California voters stated that they wanted marriage to be defined as between a man and a woman. This summer 4 judges ignored the will of the people and overturned that decision and allowed same sex marriage in our state. Now with election nearing voters will be asked to define marriage for the California state Constitution. Only 14 words will be added to the constitution if Prop 8 passes. It will state "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

There are several reasons why I am in favor of this proposition; religious freedom, parental rights, a government that is actually governed by the people and not judges who ignore the people. I have heard and read a lot of hateful things about people like me who are in favor of traditional marriage. I do not hate gay or lesbians, nor do I attack their lifestyle. Let them live as they choose but please afford me the same respect. Under California law gay and lesbian domestic partners already have all the same rights and privileges as married couples. Prop 8 isn't taking any rights they already have away.

The supporters of "No on 8" claim that this is about hate. Some friends of friends asked us to share their experience as they participate in this political process. I will let you judge for yourself who is promoting hate and intolerance here.

In response to having lawn signs stolen on a regular basis in our area, we decided to display our position on Prop 8 with a large banner. This afternoon a couple of women pulled up in front of our home and started painting on the windows of their car. I guess they disagreed with us. As they were painting these messages, my husband came out and asked them if they would like to have a conversation. The "conversation"consisted of them calling us bigots, promoters of hate & prejudice, parents who didn't protect their children and un-Christian (this last comment causing my 11 year old son to cry because he IS a Christian and is so very proud of it!) My husband and children tried to engage in conversation to share our concerns and point of view and were met with increased intensity and anger. Their entire message was that we were closed-minded, motivated by hate and prejudice. In the end, we left them to their project...knowing that sharing and trying to understand one another's point of view was NOT something they were interested in. Here's what we were left with in front of our home.

By the way...we live across the street from a kindergarten playground...what a nice thing the kids will be able to see at recess and as they walk to and from home. Now for the good news...since this happened this afternoon we've had all kinds of people drive by taking pictures, talking with us and expressing support. In fact, a wonderful family from our school stopped by to tell us how sorry they were. They are voting No on 8 and long ago we decided that we would be that balancing force for each other in the universe. I was impressed by the way they went out of their way to make sure all was well with us and to let us know that they supported us even though we disagree on this issue. THIS is the American way... I wish this whole election process would be designed to promote these types of feelings among neighbors instead of the hate and intolerance that seems to be becoming such a prevalent part of our daily lives.

Even if you are against Prop 8 I respect the fact that you are entitled to your views and encourage EVERYONE to vote no matter where you stand on the issue. We all have that right. But as I show respect for you and your views I hope you would afford me the same. No more stealing signs and calling names, you don't have to run me off the road or flip me off while my children are in the car. We are all trying to live and do what we think is right according to your own hearts and minds. Hopefully once the election is over we can all come together again as neighbors and humans who all share this place called earth.


Mommy Madness said...

THANK YOU! I hope you don't mind, but I copied and pasted this blog posting onto my site... we need to spread the word that we are not bigots. We should also not tolerate the hateful things that are happening to us because we are trying to protect our own rights.

AzĂșcar said...

Wow Amy, that's nuts. You know how I feel: it's fine to disagree, even talk about your points, but no matter which side you're on, people don't deserve to be treated like that. Those actions disgust me.

Queen Scarlett said...

My friend and VTing companion Carrie C sent me to your blog...and here I find Azucar... I think the blog world really does all go back to The Jet Set. ;-)

Amy - I'm going to link to you - this kind of behavior is reprehensible. This is the exact kind of hypocrisy from the opposition. Have you seen the Hollywood party to raise money for no on 8? They bring up the local family here the Pattersons who are Mormon and donated 50grand to the yes on 8 campaign... the celebrities rant about how all those mormons should do something better with their money... while they themselves are raising money for the no on 8 side. If they are so brilliant then why don't they do what they want us to do?

Thanks for exercising your rights and standing up for Truth.

ps. Your family is adorable.

Kelly said...

Hey Amy - I'm glad that being friends does not mean we have to share the same views. You seem very passionate about yours, and I applaud your dedication, but cannot support your position on this matter.

The behavior you have experienced is ridiculous...everyone has their right to an opinion and being slandered because of yours flies in the face of your right to free speech. The people attacking you should think about that before they stand up for their beliefs by trouncing on yours.

That being said though, not so long ago you and I would not even have had the right to vote, were considered second class citizens, and segregation was legal. I cannot help but HOPE that gay marriage will be accepted over time as well.

Some of my best friends are gay and it would be a tragedy if they were not allowed to marry. I watch them raise their families just like the rest of us, so why am I entitled to different privileges just because I am married to a person of the opposite sex?

Okay, I'll stop now :)

fijiangirl said...

Welcome Queen Scarlet! I always love new viewers! I think we are up to 6 now!

Kelly, I really apprecaite your comments. I have felt the same way you have in the past when I think about same sex couples trying to raise their families just like everyone else. But when learned all of the repercussions of same-sex marriage I changed my position. This issue just isn't about marriage. I feel everyone is entitled to their belief system. That being said if same-sex marriage is allowed churches could be sued for not allowing same-sex marriage. Pastors, Bishops and other religious leaders jailed for discrimination. Does my father as a bishop deserve to go to jail because he refuses to marry a same-sex couple that goes against his religious beliefs? The other thing that bothers me about this issue is how involved the schools are getting in this topic. In fact a high school here in my own town has started reviewing the curriculum for the elementary school kids about homosexuality for their first graders. Fine, if they feel it is necessary for a 1st grader to learn that, forget reading, and writing, but parents won’t have the option to opt-out if they choose and that is wrong. As a parent I should be able to decide how and when I want to teach my children about different aspects of life. But the thing that is the most disgusting to me is that this very same high school is in discussions on making all of their bathrooms CO-ED so that students don’t have to decide what gender they are!

Why can’t we come up with a solution that will allow same-sex couples to have the same rights as married couples with out taking away the rights of parents, and churches from practicing their own beliefs? (Which they do under the domestic partnership laws) I am not asking them to stop being gay but I feel they are asking me to stop believing in what I believe in. Sometimes it seems like a loose, loose situation.

But I digress, the whole point of this post was to show our exact relationship, we have been friends for over 20 years and I know there are many issues that we disagree on politically but I feel that we both respect each other enough to know that even though we may disagree on a few issues it hasn’t stopped us from still maintaining a friendship. I feel we have way more in common than we disagree on. This is what makes this world so beautiful all of our diversity, but we do need to find harmony and unity among the diversity.

AngeeBee said...

Amy, I agree wholeheartedly. We must find a way to voice our opinions while being the 'indivisible' nation we profess to be.

Emma said...

Thank-you Amy for your post. Did you know my mom's car door was kicked in because she had a "Yes on Prop 8" sign in her front yard? She was devastated when she called me. I wish I lived in CA right now so I could vote along with you. I hope everyone votes!

duane w said...

Good on you for standing up for what you believe in. It is unfortunate that some people think a "conversation" only runs one way.