Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes, School House Still Rocks

I am sitting in my office listenting to the DVD my children are watching and I am washed over with a flood of memories. If you have never seen School House Rock, I suggest you race out to your store immediately and purchase it. It is one of the ages!

Conjunction junction what's your function?

I remember taking American Government in high school and singing the Just a Bill song in my head as I took the final.


My25Cents said...

I LOVE this collection!! I'm glad you finally acquired it. This is something you can pop in the player multiple times without too much guilt... sorta.

Rachel. said...

my parents have the dvd too! I love it so much. grammar rock is my favorite. but I also love america rock.

liahona's daughter loves it too. a new generation of school house rockers.