Saturday, August 22, 2009


August is a crazy busy month for us! One in which we have many celebrations and since we are too exhausted from all the partying to go into details we figured you could just have a look see.

Vai turned 7!
Pooters turned 2 months!

10 years of wedded bliss!

Great Jr. Giants season with friends!

First day of First Grade!

First day of Kindergarten!
Our next celebration will occur on Thursday the 27th when Nau comes from Fiji for her first visit to America! We can't wait!


kalisarah88 said...

Congratulations!! (on everything). Especially 10 years of marriage, without which none of the other acccomplishments would be possible! You guys are so cute!

Emily said...

How did he get the name Pooters?

AngeeBee said...

Great run down of the month... it is true - pictures say a thousand words!

Happy Anniversary! 10 years is a great start to eternity...

Love you tons!

Dave said...

What a summer! Look at those big kids + the new little one. So fun to hear about the good life in the SJV. Congrats! Christine

Fobert Family said...

Congrats on everything. We love to look at your blog, it always makes me laugh. Your kids are so so incredibly handsome and beautiful. Seriously...good recipe.

Once Upon A Mountain said...

congratulations on everything and happy birthday to vai. Nataliegh just started kindergarten also and it is all day long. We also just celebrated our tenth year. amazing how fast it all goes. Doug and Teresa

Rachel. said...

For some reason I never realized that Cumorah's kids are such similar ages as your own. Her two oldest just started first grade and kindergarten as well, then her fourth was blessed on the same day as your newest. Beautiful. And happy (belated) anniversary!