Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kids know everything

I'd like to share a conversatin I had this morning with my three year old son.

Son: "Mom, you need to change."

Mom: "Change? What do I need to change?"

Son: "Your hairstyle!"

So true son,... so true.


kalisarah88 said...

hahaha, I love that kid! And if it counts for anything, I think your hair is lovely. :)

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

My son told me my lipstick looked funny yesterday. "It's too brown mom". At least they're honest! Cute post.

Lindsey said...

gotta love kids:)

winspears said...

you and me both!!! maybe we can do it together! :)

Lyllah said...

Hi Amy
We are doing fine out here in Pago--we live in the central part of the island and got lucky, we didnt lose any property, water, power or lives in our area--but along the coastal areas in both the far east and west side, they got hit really bad--theres still a search and rescue going on--they just found a young school girl in her uniform and back pack still on --this morning so the death toll continues to rise--its just sooooo sad and the entire island is so sombre--words cannot express the devastation done and the the lives lost here and in Western Samoa--but as far as family and loved ones we are all safe and sound---on a happier note, it must be great to have your mil visit---and baby looks so adorable and is already growing so fast--hope all is well with you and family--

Buffy said...

Don't get me started on hair! I will just have the forever afro! I haven't been on here forever! Your baby is sooo cute and I am so glad Peni's mom got to come out! Christian called me and told me that he ran into Peni! That's awesome! Miss you!