Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kids Say The Dandiest Things

Last evening I decided to take my mom and my and two younger boys for a drive. We stopped at a couple stores and visited with some friends and family before returning home. On the drive home, our 3 year old was singing along with Michael Jackson since we were driving in mommy's car who is way excited about her MJ collection CD she got from going to see his movie. At any-rate, while stopped at a red light, I all of a sudden heard my boy chanting, "Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama". I thought to myself," What song of MJ's does he start chanting Obama?" With curiosity filling my head quickly, I asked him, "Son, who is Obama?" He replied right away with ; "He is a god". I got even more curious with his answer and wondered where he was headed with it. "A god of what?", I asked again. "A god of the lords" he replied. Before the light turned green I was already rolling through the intersection because I could not contain my laughter and amazement at this child's answer.

Still filled with laughter, I quietly thought to myself; "O.K. son, I know we made history in the U.S. this past year with President Obama being the first President who is a man of color, but easy on calling him a god before we get zapped by the real God". Hahahahahaha. I love kids and their innocent ways of thinking and expressions.

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kalisarah88 said...

LOL! That is the funniest thing ever. I love your kids!