Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poor Sports!

Dear Evgeni Plushenko:

You deserve to be a poster boy. Your behavior during past and current Olympic games has demonstrated that you should be a poster boy. Yes, you would be the perfect poster boy. The poster boy for poor sportsmanship!

I saw this article where you felt that you were robbed of the gold medal in these Olympic games. So much so that you gave yourself the "Platinum of Vancouver" and then posted it on your website. I guess enough people complained that you had it removed. But still you were able to make your point. You think you are the Golden Boy of Men's Figure Skating. But in my humble opinion you are not!

I have followed your Olympic career for the past three Olympic games. Let's see you pouted in Salt Lake City because Yagudin "stole" your gold. Even though every single judge ranked him first.

In 2006 in Torino, when you actually won your gold medal, you had earned it. That night you were the best skater. I was happy to see you get your gold that you felt eluded you in Salt Lake. But I could have done with out your attitude of entitlement.

Now we are at the present Olympic games. You made it known to the world you came out of retirement to try at one more Gold medal. You wanted to tie Dick Button's record of consecutive Olympic Gold Medals.

However, times have changed in figure skating, especially the scoring system. I am assuming that your coaches would instruct you on how the new scoring system works. Other athletes have studied and adapted their programs to fit the new scoring system so that they can get the maximum points possible. You however did not. I don't know if it is because you are not that strong of an athlete or your attitude of entitlement stopped you.

You did not do a single jump in the last minute and half of your program even though the scoring system states that you get bonus points for every jump landed sometime after the 2 minute mark. Evan Lysacek used the scoring system to his advantage. He jumped through out his entire program. But not only that he is a beautiful skater to watch. His jumps and landings were solid, the transitions and choreography was beautiful. You landed a quad, which isn't even a required element.

One extra rotation in a jump does not a gold medalist make!


Buffy said...

That is hilarious! We have been disappointed in his behavior as well, and in the french press with what they have been saying about our skaters.

Anonymous said...
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Karla said...

You tell 'em! Dang you take figure skating serious, eh. :) Seriously though, c'mon don't be a poor sport in PUBLIC what example are you setting for the kids that idolize you? This combined with the Russian wannabe Aboriginee routine made figure skating mighty interesting these olympics...