Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Waiting Game

Why is it when you have a doctor's appointment the staff never tells you they are running late? Yet if you are only 2 minutes late the throw a tantrum and act like you have thrown off their entire schedule. Seriously I don't get this.

This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment. I got there 15 minutes early thinking I would get in on time. I never expected I would get in early, I just wanted to get in at my appointed time. Now, I understand that doctor's offices are unpredictable. There are emergencies that come up, doctors are needed elsewhere. However, after working for years in the customer service industry I found that most people I worked with were apprectitave when I was up front about being behind or running late. I would love it if I went to an appoint and receptionists said "we are running about 30 minutes behind today but we will see you as quickly as possible." No problem, let me find some trashy magazine you have in your lobby and dive right into the latest Hollywood gossip. Or if you are telling me you are really behind I might even pick up the TIME or the New Yorker.

I am not asking them to rush any one's care so I can quickly get in the room at the appointed hour. Just tell me how long I am going to have to sit and wait. Today I had to wait 45 minutes, that was after my appointment time so in total I waited an hour! What do you think would have happened if I walked up to the desk and inquired how much longer the wait would have been? I probably would have been chewed up and spit out !

If you aren't going to give me the courtesy of knowing I am going to have to wait the least you can do is not give me the riot act when I arrive 5 minutes late because the kids fought over who got to open the car door.


AzĂșcar said...

See, I think that everyone on the planet needs to jump on the freaking bandwagon and sent out TEXT message alerts. A little programming and they could do it automatically.

I mean, for the love people, let's get with it.

HollySomm said...

you are so absolutely right!