Monday, June 30, 2008

One of those moments

Yesterday I had one of those moments all mothers face, my child is growing up way to quickly and I wasn't ready for it. Earlier in the morning Vai and Tata were playing around and Vai had bitten onto Tata's shorts. Tata asked him to stop biting but his teeth were too strong. Finally Tata pushed Vai off his pants and Vai started to cry.

"You hurt my teeth." Vai said.
"Well, you should have let go when I asked you to!" Tata replied. "Besides, I didn't even push you hard, you are just being a baby."

Upon inspection of the mouth we found a tooth in the very front that was now a little wiggly. We concluded that it was because he was biting too hard on the shorts when Tata pushed get him off. It didn't occur to us that he was reaching the age when he will begin to loose his teeth.

So at church Vai was proudly showing off his new loose tooth, when one of the teachers asked him if he could take it out. Apparently he has successfully removed several teeth for the other primary children. I told him it wasn't one of those teeth ready to fall out and relayed what happened earlier. To which he responded by instructing me that Vai had a tooth growing in his mouth behind this loose tooth. What? My almost 6 year old is starting to loose his teeth? No... No... No!!! I am not ready for this; he is still the little baby that I used to take to work and rock under my desk. Now is he going into kindergarten with missing teeth? I do have to admit that I am a little anxious for this tooth to fall out. Mostly because I had great teeth growing up but ended up having braces for one little tooth that didn't come in right. The rest of my mouth was beautifully straight. I don't want him to fall in my footsteps. So we gave him apples to eat yesterday and asked him to show everyone we met his tooth only so he would keep wiggling it. I almost had him eat a Sugar Daddy. He informed me that the tooth fairy leaves toys under the pillow. Really? I only got a quarter, but then again I am old, I do have a child who is loosing their teeth.


Badillo Family said...

I remember when my little girl lost her first tooth, I too couldn't believe she was old enough! They get big so fast and it makes me a little sad that we don't get to keep them young longer. You have such a cute family! I love hearing about your life and what is happening. We still need to get together sometime. If you are ever in the area, let us know! Oh and Aidan is 2, just like yours. He turned two at the end of April.

HollySomm said...

I can remember when i lost a few of my teeth! which is impressive because i'm getting pretty old myself. i just signed the lease on my first apartment on monday! itscrazy...miss you!