Friday, June 6, 2008

Random Ramblings

I've recently had the opportunity to take care of my mother as she had major surgery. I am not one for medical terms but basically they opened up her chest to remove a tumor (that was not cancerous) and her thymus. Now both my parents have "zipper" scars down the middle of their chests. My dad has one from his quadruple by-pass 2 years ago. It has meant a lot to me that my hubby has been so supportive of me spending so much time at the hospital and also staying at my parents home to help take care of mom. I have been thinking a lot about what some people describe as the role reversal when children begin to care for their parents. Although both my parents for the most part are generally helathy taking care of mom for past week has really meant a lot to me. In some ways I feel I am "repaying" her for all she has done for me. Then I realize that I will never be able to "repay" her.

Today is the first day of summer break for us. No school for 3 months (give or take a couple of weeks). I feel bad about saying this but I have to admit I am wishing it was August already. I would really love to home school my children but just don't feel it is the best thing for my children right now. With juggling work and three little ones plus a husband who has a very demanding career the thought of homeschooling overwhelms me. But I am determined to make this summer a fun one for all of us. I think the keyword for us this summer will be schedule, schedule, schedule. In order to minimize the chaos I need to set a daily schedule. Anyone have any ideas?


Kelly said...

My summer schedule vote is for swimming pool every day from 9-12, home for a 2 hour mandatory rest period (during which no one may talk to mom) and then out in search of ice cream!

The Varo's said...
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The Varo's said...

Hey Amy,
I'm Monica (that deleted comment is mine, I tried editing it and it erased it, sorry). You didn't freak me out I have actually heard of you guys before through Karla and my friend Sarah who said you were in her home ward. I've looked at your page also so I am as guilty as you are. I will for sure invite you to our blog once its private and I'll add your blog to our friends list if thats okay too.

The Varo's said...

I'll email you about Sarah.

HollySomm said...

Seeing as how you are the third best Mom ever, (my mom and grandma are, of course, first and second, hehe) you will have an absolutely wonderful summer. I suggest scheduling a few of the days but just run wild with it. Some time at the pool, some time at the park, definitely go to a few Ports games, and it will be the best summer ever!
Oh, and you're awesome!