Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Family Wedding

This weekend we made a very quick trip down to southern California for my cousin Lani's wedding! I am so glad we went, just Girly and I (along with Grandpa and Uncle E). The boys stayed home with Tata. Here are some photos of the special day...

Girly and mommy waiting outside the Redlands Temple for the bride and groom!

Here's the new couple: Lani and Ryan. Isn't she beautiful?

Sweet kisses

Girly and the beautiful bride!

Lani with her older sister Carly and Carly's daughter Emma. Carly has been such a wonderful sister especially filling in the role of mother of the bride. Their mom recently passed away. Carly is an amazing example of strength to me. I just loved capturing this picture of the three of them. I know they have a special bond.


Janell said...

I love weddings! I am so happy you got to go, they are a beautiful couple!

Emily said...

OHHHH.... I wish I could have gone. Lani is so beautiful... next up Kenny :)