Monday, July 14, 2008

It finally came out

I have been bugging Vai for a couple of weeks to let me pull his loose tooth out. It was just hanging there. Everyone told me to leave it alone and it would fall out on its own. I knew it was true. But you know me, I obsess about things that are "unresolved" so to speak. Vai would freak out anytime someone would get close to that stinking tooth. I even was a little nervous because the permanent tooth seemed to be growing quickly and that little loose guy hung in there for forever it seemed. Well tonight after dinner Vai was playing around and all the sudden shouted..."My tooth fell out!," with this big bleeding smile on his face. Yes, I knew it would come out eventually so was this a lesson in patience for me? I mean after all that little tooth hung in there for the last two weeks!


Palemia said...

"You look very Indian boy"

HollySomm said...

That's an attractive picture. This needs to go in your "most embarrassing pictures to show Vai's girlfriends" file.

Badillo Family said...

So funny! That is exactly how I was with Max's last tooth. The permanent one was coming up behind it and the loose was was just sticking out. It finally came out when he was playing basketball and he go hit in the face! I too wanted so badly to just pull it. A lesson in patience? Definitely!