Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Girly

Our Girly is 4 today! It seems like she has been in our family forever but she is only 4. I remember the first words to come out of my mouth when she was born..."She is Here!" I was so excited to have a daughter and I am still excited I get to be her mother. I am amazed at all the things she can do and she is only 4. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter both inside and out. Her strong will and determination are true strengths, I might not always think that way, but I am learning to recognize them as strengths. This little lady of ours potty trained HERSELF right before her 2nd birthday. I was trying to adjust to life with 3 children and a one month old who didn't like to nurse and Girly decided she didn't want to wear diapers anymore. I tried to get her to wait but she didn't want to and so we gave her big girl underwear for her 2nd birthday and she never had an accident. It was the same way with wearing pull ups at night. About 3 months ago she decided she didn't want to wear a pull up to bed. "Mommy, I am big now I don't need a pull up!" Guess what ? She didn't need it and hasn't needed one ever since that night. I love her because she is my daughter, I love her because she is a kind friend. She never wants to leave anyone out. If someone is sad, Girly will be there to cheer them up. She is willing to share and very willing to help. You ask her to clean her room and she does pick everything up. She even tires to make her bed all by herself and she is only4. Even though she is 31 lbs, a tall skinny little thing, she gives the best hugs. She will wrap her arms as tight as she can around you and squeeze! I love getting her hugs. She has a beautiful smile and the best laugh. She is always singing! She constantly makes up songs and even when we tell her it is quite time during church she will still sing only she will whisper. We love our little American Idol. Thank you for being our daughter! Happy Birthday Girly!


HollySomm said...

Oh I can't believe I didn't know that!!! Tell her I said Happy Birthday and I love her. I love you all.

Nicole said...

Oh my have your hands full with that wonderfully independent and high spirited girl. We adore her.
I just sent you the video of her dancing at Brian's wedding. A classic!