Monday, April 21, 2008

The healing power of the FORCE

Apparently force is stronger than I realized. Upon noticing that Vai was whining around Grandpa's house I asked him what was wrong.

Vai: " My stomach hurts." (whine, whine, whine)

Mommy: "Hurts, how? Like you are going to throw up?"

Vai: "Yes."

Mommy: "Well maybe we need to go home so you can lay down and rest."

Vai: "Well maybe if I watch Star Wars I will feel better!"

He informed me that he wants to be Darth Vader because he is cool. Darth Vader?, where is he getting this from? Oh he watched about 10 minutes of Star Wars Episode I and like Anakin, the little boy. Then because his uncle told him Anakin becomes Darth Vader now the evil one is cool. He seemed to be feeling better with out watching Star Wars


Kelly said...

Last week Paige was sick on Monday but Tuesday I thought she was fine to go back to school. She was moaning and laying in our bed until I said "I think there's swimming today..." Paige replied, "Oh, swimming, I don't think I should miss that." Then she popped up, put her jacket on, and happily walked out the door. Sounds like Star Wars, like swimming, can heal sickness too :)

The Ballard Family said...

NICE! Our little man LOVES Star Wars as well! (In part because he and his Gramps hung out over Christmas break and watched all the old episodes...) Not too long after as we were sitting in church and taking the sacrament my son took the blessed, sacred cup of water; raised his cup and said, "To Star Wars" and drank it up! If he had whispered it I think I may have been a bit less mortified!